15/08 – 13/09/2015


This walk-on installation is a sensory experience of crossing. It is an attempt to bridge the divide separating us from strangers and to facilitate a meeting on common ground. A space is created with a unique atmosphere in which people may reflect with each other on history, memories and experiences.

Nomanslanding can be accessed from opposite banks by two walkways floating on the water. The installation comprises two large, mobile platforms which gradually come together on the surface of the water to form a hemispherical dome. Within the internal space thus created, visitors are witnesses to a unique event: inside the gradually darkening space a sound collage can be heard which culminates once both sections have closed completely in a contribution sung live by one of the performers, as if the music is playing inside one’s own head. 

The collective project Nomanslanding by five internationally renowned artists Robyn Backen (AUS), Andre Dekker (NL), Graham Eatough (UK), Nigel Helyer and Jennifer Turpin (both AUS) will be shown as part of the Ruhrtriennale in Duisburg-Ruhrort from 14th August 2015 after touring to Sydney (02. April – 03. May 2015) and Glasgow Arts / Merchant City Festival (13. July – 02. August 2015). Nomanslanding is created in close collaboration between the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, Glasgow Life and Urbane Künste Ruhr.

Am Rhein / Eisenbahnhafen
Am Eisenbahnbassin
47119 Duisburg


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A co-production between Urbane Künste Ruhr/Ruhrtriennale and Glasgow Arts/Merchant City Festival, Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority.

Nomanslanding, © Simon Dance / Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority