01/02 – 31/08/2014


Research Lab on the urbanity in the Ruhr Area

The term RUHRBANITY describes the specific urbanity in the Ruhr Area and focusses on small, distinctive characteristics of the spatial structure – as well as on places that inherit the urgent need of change. How do single quarters in the Ruhr Area illustrate the RUHRBANITY? Which different layers define the locations and stand for their specific urbanity? And how can these characteristics be used for the development in terms of a shared identity?

In the framework of the research project, a systematic exploration of the specific urbanity was applied to five different locations along the B1/A40:

  • Motorway junction Kaiserberg, Duisburg
  • Metro station Eichbaum, Mülheim a.d. Ruhr
  • Essen-Frillendorf
  • Dückerweg, Bochum
  • Schnettkerbrücke, Dortmund

As part of the exhibition project B1|A40 The Beauty of the Grand Road, the results of the lab were presented to the public with an installation at the Schnettkerbrücke in Dortmund. An accompanying program provided further opportunities for discussions about the topic.

In 2013, the series of lectures RUHRBANITY presented three different panels focussing on the specific urbanity in the Ruhr Area. More information on these talks in our archive: RUHRBANITY 01: Space and Atmosphere, RUHRBANITY 02: Culture and Economy, RUHRBANITY 03: Creating and Designing.


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