In Dortmund’s Union quarter, artist Jens Heitjohann (Berlin / Leipzig) together with citizens from Dortmund went in search of the former mining and beer brewing location’s future under the influence of structural change. The Union quarter was to be upgraded by the purposeful effort of art and creative industries – assuming that in the course of the transformation of a living environment essential parts of urban development will be outsourced to private industry. To create a better future for the region was the declared objective. The production team of I promise… wanted to reflect critically on this together with Dortmund residents.
The round tour through the Union quarter, developed in cooperation with local citizens, went to former, present and future sites of economic activity. A performer accompanied visitors and told them personal stories of specific places around the locality of the Union quarter. People of different ages and a variety of cultural, social and occupational backgrounds spoke on how altered social and economic challenges determine and shape the way people live together.
The production team of Bohème Précaire and Urbane Künste Ruhr created a book and a film as documentation of I promise…, which are available in the Heimatdesign-store for a nominal charge of 2 €.  

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