01/01 – 31/12/2015


Art project in the field of Baubotanik (building with growing materials) in the framework of ÜBER WASSER GEHEN – land gewinnen (walking over water – gaining land)

The Stuttgart-based architects and artists Hannes Schwertfeger and Oliver Storz are the Bureau Baubotanik and dedicate their work to the uncommon field of Baubotanik: building with living plants and common materials, thus creating intergrowing combinations providing stable structures.

For a part of the river Seseke next to the Fünf-Bogen-Brücke in Kamen, they have realized such a living architecture with a 18 m long bridge that stretches from the grounds of the Gesamtschule Kamen (comprehensive school) to the cycle way at the newly re-structured Seseke. The construction crosses the former border covering the river that was used as an open canalization until recently. It thereby marks a sign for the re-use of such locations. The planted red oaks will later on cover the scaffolding.  

The Gesamtschule Kamen integrates the project into the students‘ schedules with various study groups over the course of many years. Students will provide parts of the care for the artwork and accompany it in various ways, thus they actively learn about ecological systems in urban environments.

Information for visitors

Der wachsende Steg is located on the site of:
Gesamtschule Kamen, at the sports field
Gutenbergstr. 2
59174 Kamen

Can be visited year round

ÜBER WASSER GEHEN – land gewinnen

Initiated in the framework of the European Capital of Culture RUHR.2010, ÜBER WASSER GEHEN (Walking over Water) hosted various internationally renowned artists creating eight permanent and four temporary works along the river dealing with the transformation of the Seseke – a former open canalization like the river Emscher now being transformed into a near to nature stretch of water. ÜBER WASSER GEHEN is a project of the Lippeverband and the municipalities Lünen, Bergkamen, Kamen, Bönen, Dortmund, and Unna. Due to the huge success of the project, a sequel was established soon after Ruhr.2010. Again curated by Billie Erlenkamp, the new subtitle land gewinnen (gaining land) focusses on the acquisition of the newly gained waterside by the population.  
ÜBER WASSER GEHEN – land gewinnen is realized by Lippeverband, Regionalverband Ruhr, and Urbane Künste Ruhr in co-operation with the municipalities Bergkamen, Bönen, Dortmund, Kamen, Lünen, Unna, and Kreis Unna.



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  • Eröffnungsfeier von "Der wachsende Steg"
    Eröffnungsfeier von "Der wachsende Steg" am 20.05.2014
  • Wässerung der Roteichen
    Wässerung der Roteichen
  • "Der wachsende Steg"
    "Der wachsende Steg"