Regionalverband Ruhr

The Regionalverband Ruhr (RVR) (Regional association) with its registered seat in Essen is an amalgamation of eleven urban municipalities and four districts in the Ruhr metropolis. It has around 5.3 million inhabitants and is responsible for regional planning in the Ruhr metropolis. The association assembly acts as regional council and decides on changes and new compilations of the regional development plan in its area of responsibility. The RVR is the authority responsible for important infrastructure projects such as the route of industrial culture and the Emscher Landschaftspark. Parts of its legal mandates are the promotion of regional economy and tourism and public relations work for the Ruhr metropolis. Together with its municipal partners it is responsible for the seven leisure parks. In addition, the RVR collects geo- and climate data of the region and makes them available to its member municipalities for planning and other purposes.

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