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Gregor Schneider

For KUNSTMUSEUM Gregor Schneider inserts an new construction into the museum in Bochum, thus entirely altering the building’s form, function and appearance. For the duration of the installation KUNSTMUSEUM visitors will enter the museum through a new entrance. Through this “back door”, spaces including existing function rooms will become accessible to visitors which they are not usually allowed to enter.  The sequence of spaces creates a literally inverted architectonic course through a museum in a museum.

Heiner Goebbels, Artistic Director of the Ruhrtriennale: „We are delighted that despite the circumstances Gregor Schneider has been able to develop a large new work for the Ruhrtriennale in KUNSTMUSEUM. That we are able to open the exhibition in such a short time is thanks above all to our partners. In addition to Gregor Schneider I would like to pass on heartfelt thanks to Museum Director Hans Günter Golinski and everyone else of the city of Bochum who has made this possible.”

Gregor Schneider is interested in the effects of socially relevant spaces and in what they communicate beyond the visible. His spaces are reconstructions of existing rooms, in which the observer barely has a chance to view the work in its entirety: walls are built in front of walls, rooms inside rooms, objects are invisibly walled in, or parts of the room move imperceptibly. Things which are hermetically sealed, buried or hidden play a central role in his works.

No other artist has focussed in such a decisive way upon space and the manifold levels on which it can be perceived. Whether in Totes Haus u r (Venice 2001), Die Familie Schneider (London 2004) or most recently Hauptstraße 85 a (Stommeln 2014), Schneider‘s works are characterized by a distorted vision of normality. They are imaginative spaces, which function like catalysts and confront visitors in an existential manner with themselves.

August 29 - Oktober 12, 2014
Kunstmuseum Bochum

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