Jochen Gerz

Andreas Golinski

Museum Folkwang has invited Andreas Golinski to present work in the atria of the Chipperfield new build. The artist thereupon developed two extensive pieces that reference both each other and the topography of the building and the city of Essen. Museum Folkwang is continuing its series of presentations of contemporary artists in the context of its own collection with the new sculptural installation ASCHE.

In his works, Andreas Golinski, born in 1979 in Essen, always refers to the places and (hi)stories in which they unfold. He explores the architecture, its physical specifics as actual space, and develops a story of his own from it. In ASCHE Golinski interrogates the social, economic and cultural setting of urban structures and highlights for Essen the North/South divide so omnipresent in the Ruhr region. The first atrium represents the south of the city, the second the north – they both stand for the experiences and biographies of the people in the two halves of the city.

The result are two juxtaposed expansive installations made of wood, metal, masonry, sleeping bags and garbage bags: Golinski has created works that challenge our perceptual faculties and also make it clear to us what we cannot perceive, what we invariably miss, what happens elsewhere.

An artist’s book will be published on the occasion of the presentation in autumn.

August 2 - Oktober 19, 2014
Museum Folkwang Essen
Douglas Gordon