Kristina Buch

Kristina Buch (*1983) makes works that move between the most different topics and genres. Her work is often highly conceptual, humorous and poetic, yet precise and existential. Play and seriousness, reality and utopia become, among others, agents in creating and exploring a boundless structure or nature of that which seems to eternally escape our concepts and understanding whilst wanting to be discerned. Buch's work is sometimes ephemeral  and difficult to capture. Occasionally she goes to great lengths in order to create a work, even though it is foreseeable that it will be of short duration or that it may disintegrate in the process of its making and being in the world. To be shaped by the work is as central as giving shape to a work. In addition to her installations, interventions and life-gestures (Buch describes the notion of perfomance critically), her work is founded in drawing, writing, photos, video and sound works. Her unique background – she studied biology and protestant theology before studying art at the Royal College of Art and with Rosemarie Trockel in Düsseldorf – influences her work. She was the youngest participant at dOCUMENTA(13) and was awarded the Trieste Young European Artist Award in 2012. She taught at Imperial College London until 2012. In 2013 she received an assistant professorship at Goethe University in Frankfurt a.M.