The members of kainkollektiv from Bochum have been working at different theatre projects since 2004. Fabian Lettow, Mirjam Schmuck and Alexander Kerlin are at the same time stage directors, dramaturges, drama scientists, authors, musicians, and performers. Kainkollektiv cooperates with different free artists and groups from the theatre, music, dance, visual arts and the new media. The group produces its own texts, scenarios and adaptations. "In our performances relating to urban life, the role of the historic background inherent in every urban architecture is just as important as our constitution in the present. "

The Ministry of Family Affairs, Children, Youth, Culture and Sports of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia has awarded the group kainkollektiv with the prize ‘Spitzenförderung Theater NRW (2012-2015)’ (Promotion of excellent theatres in NRW) for its theatre work, particularly in NRW.