Chris Kondek (engl.)

Chris Kondek first experimented with videos in the middle of the 1980ies.  He cooperated on a permanent term with the Wooster Group in the production of Brace up! in 1989, followed by The Emperor Jones and Fish Story. In the Nineties he worked for Robert Wilson and Michael Nyman. Laurie Anderson, a progressive artist with previous experience in video technique engaged him in 1995 for her multi-media concert The Nerve Bible and in 1998 for the opera Songs and Stories from Moby Dick.
In 1999 Kondek went to Berlin, where he was involved in a production by Berliner Volksbühne; throughout the season different films were put on stage under the direction of René Pollesch. More projects with renowned directors followed, and Kondek’s video work for choreographer Meg Stuart first attracted the attention of the critics. From 2003 onwards he worked regularly with Stefan Pucher, in whose productions videos played an important role. In 2005, Othello was shown in a guest performance at the Berliner Theatertreffen, three years later Der Sturm.
At the same time Kondek took up the challenge of putting productions on virtual stock exchange transactions and the rules of the capital market on stage. His production Dead Cat Bounce, in which the entrance fees of the audience were object of gambling until right into the performance, won two awards (one of the ZDF theatre channel and one of the Goethe-Institute) at the 6th German theatre festival „Politik im Freien Theater“. In 2011, Kondek’s production Money – It came from outer space again won the award of the Goethe-Institute at the 8th festival „Politik im Freien Theater”.