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Ausstellung und Symposium ACTOPOLIS

17/03/2017 - 09/04/2017

Alte Post Oberhausen Poststr. 1a, 46045 Oberhausen

During the international project "ACTOPOLIS - The art of action" artists, curators and activists investigated the current situation and perspectives of urban areas in Europe and tried to come up with alternatives of urban living. They will present their results in an exhibiton, starting March 19th in Oberhausen and in a symposium on March 17th and 18th.

ACTOPOLIS – The Exhibition 19.03. – 9.4.2017 Tuesday - Sunday, 2pm - 6pm, Admission free Alte Post Oberhausen Poststr. 1a 46045 Oberhausen


Cities are facing challenges all over the world. How is it possible to expand and preserve urban space as a common area of ​​society even in times of its economic exploitation and privatization? What is the role of art, culture, architecture, self-organized action and activism in these processes? Over the past few years artists, architects, philosophers, urbanists and activists have been working on these questions in seven different European cities within the framework of the international project ACTOPOLIS. The Art of Action.


The exhibition presents project examples from Ankara/Mardin, Athens, Bucharest, Belgrade, Oberhausen, Sarajevo and Zagreb. Materials from the more than 45 individual projects show a rich repertoire of options for action to shape and change the cities in which we live in. Actopolis calls for action and inspiration. The exhibition (design NODE, Berlin - Oslo and SSW architects, Berlin) is an action space.


The variable parts of the exhibition are divided into 6 chapters with the following contents:

Info: Information, Credits
Concepts: The curatorial concepts of the participating cities
Projects: Overview of all projects realised within the framework of ACTOPOLIS
Topics: Materials on the core topics: Education, Heritage, Infrastructure, Labour, Migration, Nationalism, Segregation, Self-Organisation, Social Struggle, South, Urban Geography, Urban Warfare
Methods: Materials on the core methods: Claiming, Collaborating, Collecting, Making, Playing, Recording, Researching, Sharing, Talking
Contexts: About the participating cities: Ankara/Mardin, Athens, Belgrade, Bucharest, Oberhausen, Sarajevo, Zagreb


The material presented on 50 panels is supplemented by media stations that show film and video productions of the project. The "public space" of the exhibition - action areas between the semicircular rooms - offers the possibility for local supplements, framework events and workshops.

Activists wanted!

ACTOPOLIS sees itself as a perennial call to take action in the city. In keeping with this, visitors to the exhibition can leave their own ideas, project concepts, and stimuli on the rear walls of the modules “Topics” and “Methods”. The exhibition space also serves as a platform for debates, lectures, and actions and is available to be used by initiatives, clubs, artists, and other actors.

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  • Concept
    • Angelika Fitz (AT)
  • Artistic Direction
    • Katja Aßmann (DE), Angelika Fitz (AT), Martin Fritz (AT)
  • Graphicdesign (exhibition)
    • NODE, Berlin – Oslo
  • Partners
    • Urbane Künste Ruhr, Goethe-Institut, Theater Oberhausen
  • Exhibition-architecture
    • Stadelmann Schmutz Wössner Architekten, Berlin