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2015 Urban



09/10 – 25/10/2015


Urban Lights Ruhr highlights the city of Hagen, which has been undergoing momentous change. Artistic interventions momentarily direct our attention to light and the city and offer new perspectives on the familiar. The installed works form a light course that invites viewers to stroll, discover, and to play an active part in shaping this multi-layered city.


Now in its third iteration, following Bergkamen and Hamm, Urban Lights Ruhr transforms Hagen into a testing ground for light art. Eight artistic light interventions make a statement in the city of Hagen by offering new perspectives onto the familiar. Today, Hagen’s industrial past reveals itself in a complex urban structure. The city’s variegated appearance has been marked by layers of historical construction, and what’s been concealed in the process has been slow to reemerge: the view of the River Volme is reopened, access to the Ennepe can once again be used after the factories flanking it have been discontinued. Decorative elements on the main railway station appear in a new light, while a neglected city quarter’s potential is taken seriously again.


  • Urban Lights Ruhr is a project by Urbane Künste Ruhr in the framework of the UNESCO Year of Light.